DeepCube has a strong presence in this year’s Living Planet Symposium, taking place 23-27 May in Bonn, Germany!

On Thursday 26 May at 12:55 CET Ioannis Papoutsis, DeepCube Coordinator, will participate in a panel discussion on ESA AI4EO projects and at 18:11 CET Ioannis Papoutsis and Nikolaos Bountos will present a poster on Benchmarking deep learning models for land cover classification with Sentinel-2 imagery. On the same day at 18:15 CET, Dr. Miguel Ángel Fernández Torres from the Image Processing Laboratory, University of Valencia, will present a poster titled Explaining Deep Learning Models for Earth Surface Forecasting.

On Friday 27 May at 09:45 CET Nikolaos Bountos is giving an oral presentation on Deep Learning methods for monitoring volcanic activity globally with Sentinel-1 InSAR and at 13:31 CET Ioannis Prapas and Spyros Kondylatos are presenting their work on Deep Learning Methods for Daily Wildfire Danger Forecasting during poster session D1.06 Satellite EO and Machine Learning for monitoring Natural Hazards. Our partner Federico Ricciuti from Tre Altamira is giving an oral presentation on Multimodal InSAR Reliability Prediction using Graph Neural Networks at 15:00 CET during session C1.08.1 Advanced Solutions for SAR processing and analytics.