Visualization of non-EO data

To serve the social media data collected and analyzed in DeepCube to its end users in the most efficient and friendly manner, a dedicated Web application displays and filters posts relevant to the project’s use cases, in a variety of visualizations. Compared to related state of the art solutions, the DeepCube visualization tool offers advanced capabilities by: i) providing a dedicated API to access the collected tweets, available also for third-party modules, ii) extending visual and filtering capabilities, while improving the visualization’s scalability, and iii) including innovative analysis results in the visualizations.

In DeepCube, INFALIA is developing user interfaces that will demonstrate the social media data collected for the needs of two use cases – Climate induced migration in Africa and Copernicus services for sustainable and environmentally-friendly tourism –  offering multiple ways of visualisation and filtering. An online Web application has been designed and developed for displaying the data that are served by an API. The API communicates with a database where collected social media data are stored so as to fetch the posts. Users will be able to visualise the posts either as a scrollable list of posts or as pop-ups on a map. In both views, analysis results, i.e. detected locations and visual concepts, can also be displayed per post. Moreover, the application provides filtering capabilities, e.g. the option to show data published in a certain time period or to hide posts that do not contain an image.

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