SPACE projects


CALLISTO integrates Copernicus data, already indexed in DIAS platforms such as ONDA-DIAS, utilising High Performance Computing infrastructures for enhanced scalability when needed. Complementary distributed sources involve Galileo positioning data, visual content from UAVs, web and social media data, linking them with open geospatial and in-situ sensor data. Artificial Intelligence is applied to extract meaningful knowledge such as concepts, events, 3D-models, and animations of the user community. This knowledge is analysed semantically and analytics are delivered to end users (mainly water utility operators, journalists for the media sector, EU agriculture & CAP policymakers, and security agencies) in non-traditional interfaces, including Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality. Find out more

Global Earth Monitor

Global Earth Monitor (GEM) is addressing the challenge of continuous monitoring of large areas in a sustainable cost effective way. Its goal is to establish a new EO data exploitation model, which will dramatically enhance the exploitation of Copernicus data. Disruptive innovations are planned in the technology and in the methodology, where a proprietary concept of Adjustable Data Cubes will be developed and integrated with EO-oriented open source ML framework EO-learn. EO-learn will be upgraded to consume ML technologies from widely accepted ML frameworks and to adapt them to specifics of EO-data interpretation. Modern approaches will be combined to construct global, scale-independent interpretation models with special focus on causality and change detection. Find out more


The CENTURION project will critically advance applications of AI methodology to the Big Earth Data challenge. Through mature, Petascale-proven European datacube technology, all Copernicus data together with contributing missions and third party’s EO, climate, and thematic data sets will be homogenized into Analysis and Fusion Ready spatio-temporal data hypercubes offered through strictly standards-based interfaces. CENTURION will become a partner of the EarthServer Datacube federation, making its results available for several DIASes, enabling free and open research and paving a road for commercial uses. Awards-winning AI platform will enable rapid use case development and provide assured execution of analytical tasks at any scale in hybrid cloud environments. Find out more

ICT projects


AI4Copernicus aims to bridge the worlds of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Earth Observation (EO) by making AI4EU the platform of choice for users of Copernicus data along the value chain (scientists, SMEs, non-tech sector). The project will achieve this by exposing AI4EU resources on EO data (DIAS) platforms, making it easy to procure computing power and large EO data, as well as to access training material and expertise. AI4Copernicus proposes to reinforce and optimise the AI4EU platform service offering with datasets, tools and services relevant to Copernicus data to facilitate the use and uptake of the platform resources in domains of high economic and societal impact, such as in Agriculture, Health, Energy and Security. Find out more


ExtremeEarth developed technologies to make Europe a pioneer in the area of Extreme Earth Analytics i.e. Remote Sensing and AI techniques that are needed for extracting information and knowledge out of the petabytes of Copernicus data. The research and innovation activities of ExtremeEarth significantly advance the frontiers in Big Data, Earth Analytics and DL for Copernicus data and Linked Geospatial Data, and make Europe the top player internationally in these areas. ExtremeEarth brought together the Food Security and Polar communities, and worked with them to develop technologies that can be used by these communities in the respective application areas. The results of ExtremeEarth will be exploited commercially by the industrial partners of the consortium. The project ended in December 2021. Find out more